SASPRI comprises two not-for-profit organisations: Southern African Social Policy Research Insights (registered in the UK), and Southern African Social Policy Research Institute NPC (registered in South Africa). SASPRI is committed to a rights-based approach to social policy as a route for development in the region. SASPRI undertakes a wide range of research to develop the evidence base for social policy interventions.

A Definition of Social Policy for Southern Africa

“social policies at the national level are collective state-lead measures, implemented by the central and local governments and other stakeholders such as organized employers and workers, the broader private sector and civil society, as well as international development partners. Social policies are interventions which are about promoting the well being of all citizens and which address structural inequalities in wealth, ensure greater equity and equality for all, correct market shortcomings, reduce poverty and promote social inclusion.”

Towards An African Regional Social Policy – Johannesburg Draft, SADC Ministerial Meeting, Johannesburg, South Africa 24 November 2006