Teaching by members of SASPRI

Members of SASPRI have extensive experience of teaching in the areas of social policy, social research methods, and evidence-based policy making. Since 2005 they have been involved in running courses for senior members of the South African civil service particularly from the National and Provincial Departments of Social Development and the Office of the Presidency. They have also undertaken similar courses for civil servants across the SADC region. These courses have taken the form of introductory courses in Social Policy, Social Policy analysis and evidence-based policy making. Similar courses have also been run for South African civil society groups.

SASPRI members have taught on the Social Policy option paper for the Masters in Development Studies and the Masters in Population Studies in the School of Built Environment and Development Studies at the University of KwaZulu-Natal, and on the Social Policy for Developing Countries elective for the Honours Programme and Masters Programme at the Institute for Social Development at the University of the Western Cape. They have also be contributed to a module on Social Policy for the M.Phil in Development Policy and Practice at the University of Cape Town. SASPRI members regularly supervise doctoral candidates.